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Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation St. Louis

The experts at Proper Environmental provide free, in-home consultations to assist with radon removal and mitigation. Our radon mitigation specialists work with you to schedule a free in-home consultation at your convenience. Together, we’ll determine your radon mitigation system’s structural layout, aesthetic options, and payment and warranty options.

Our radon mitigation specialists will conduct a design survey and structural analysis of your home during the hour-long appointment. We then explain the plan for your custom radon mitigation system, providing you with everything needed to make a sound decision. Although radon testing and mitigation systems aren’t always an expected expense, we offer several payment options suited to your needs.

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The Radon Mitigation Process

Numerous methods and systems can reduce radon levels and prevent harmful gas from entering your home. Therefore, those unfamiliar with the intricacies of radon mitigation may have difficulty deciding which method is best. When you choose Proper Environmental, you receive a team of experts who leverage rigorous industry training to install radon mitigation systems.

Although numerous mitigation systems are available, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends methods that prevent radon from entering. For instance, the soil suction technique draws radon from the basement or crawl space and pushes it into the outside air. Other successful methods for any home include:

  • Sealing
  • Air filtration
  • House or room pressurization
  • Energy recovery ventilation
  • Natural ventilation

The radon mitigation system we design and install depends on your home’s structure. However, we take the following steps in most installations:

  • Redirecting the “stack effect.” Reducing soil pressure beneath your structure allows us to shift the air movement into and out of your home. As a result, the radon gas also redirects outdoors.
  • Creating suction. Our technicians drill a hole into the concrete slab, crawl space, or surrounding ground to create a suction point(s). Then, we connect a PVC pipe inside or outside to vent the radon gas through.
  • Radon vents away from your home. We connect the pipe to a fan for proper ventilation.
  • Sealing cracksProper Environmental’s technicians seal cracks using a urethane caulking compound to resist gas entry.
  • Performing a final system checklistWe leverage training and certifications to inspect your entire radon mitigation system following installation to ensure it meets industry standards. Items we check include proper system labeling and fan operation, among key system details.
  • Retesting for radon. Our team retests within 30 days of installation to ensure everything works effectively. 

Some radon mitigation systems boast a 99% success rate. We offer several payment options to ensure you receive the most value for your budget. Schedule your radon abatement system appointment today.

Radon Mitigation System Inspection

The EPA recommends families with an existing radon mitigation system schedule testing every two years. Homeowners must maintain a regular cadence because radon gas exposure is the second most common cause of lung cancer following smoking. Over 21,000 deaths from radon-causing lung cancer occur annually in the United States.

Soil and rock emit radioactive radon gas, which can enter a home through the basement, crawl space, or concrete slab. Radon abatement systems use a fan and PVC pipe system to extract the gas and expel it into the outside air. Reasons to schedule bi-annual inspections include:

  • Fan failure. Fans are responsible for expelling radon gas into the outside air, but a failure puts your family at risk of exposure. During a system inspection, our technicians evaluate the fan’s condition to ensure it continues redirecting radon.
  • Foundations change. Home remodeling projects sometimes call for foundation changes that impact the performance of an existing radon mitigation system.
  • Gaps and cracks. Over time, gaps and cracks can develop in your pipe system, resulting in poor performance and possible radon leakage.
  • Affordable protection. It won’t take long for our radon specialists to inspect an existing system and thoroughly assess its performance. We affordably perform the inspection and any recommended repair or maintenance work to keep your family safe.
  • Improved home value. A properly maintained and well-functioning radon abatement system is important to real estate agents and prospective buyers.

As members of the National Radon Defense, we’re trained and certified to keep your system in working order. Schedule a radon mitigation inspection today!

St. Louis Radon Testing in Apartments and Condos

Federal agencies and the White House Council on Environmental Quality launched the Advancing Healthy Housing Strategy in 2013. Their aim continues to focus on radon testing and mitigation in multi-family housing developments, such as apartments and condos.

The policy states that experts must test any multi-family development receiving Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) financing or refinancing. Apartments or similar developments indicating a radon concentration above the acceptable level must receive a mitigation system.

Proper Environmental offers comprehensive radon services for multi-family housing developments, such as: 

  • Radon inspection & testing
  • Free estimates for radon mitigation
  • System design and consulting
  • Radon mitigation for existing structures and new constructions
  • Passive mitigation system activation

Why Professionals Must Supervise Radon Testing and Mitigation

The HUD Advancing Healthy Housing Strategy requires that certified radon professionals supervise testing and mitigation. Apartments, condos, and other multi-family housing structures must receive testing and mitigation services because: 

  • Radon mitigation affects numerous people. A professional ensures proper design and installation of radon mitigation systems to keep the building’s families safe.
  • Large, complex foundations pose design and installation challenges. Licensed professionals have experience designing and installing radon mitigation systems in large-scale, multi-family housing developments. Contrastingly, unlicensed radon contractors lack the workforce, equipment, or knowledge.
  • Access to quick, expert maintenance and repair is essential. You can trust radon mitigation experts to perform bi-annual testing and address maintenance and repair issues in the future.

We Are the Premier St. Louis Radon Mitigation Company

The radon technicians of Proper Environmental received expert training through the National Radon Defense extension, an industry-leading, rigorous program. We utilize the recommended procedures to ensure high-quality solutions that keep your family safe. As a family-owned and operated company, we emphasize the importance of superior service. 

We boast years of experience in various testing methods, providing reliable results for families across the St. Louis area. Our quick turnarounds, accurate results, and comprehensive reporting give you confidence that your home remains livable and safe.

Contact us for more information about radon mitigation and schedule your free in-home consultation! We look forward to serving you.