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Breathe EZ UVC Light

Kill mold and bacteria inside your HVAC system

Mold and mildew thrive in wet, dark environments. Condensation often forms on an air conditioning unit’s evaporator coils while it runs. This condensation creates the ideal setting for mold to grow.

The presence of mold in an HVAC system is a common complaint. Its unseen growth causes illness, and the fastest way to spread mold through a building is through a forced-air HVAC system. We at Proper Environmental recommend the Breathe EZ UVC Light to resolve air quality issues from a moldy HVAC system. Schedule an indoor air quality estimate with us today to see if this product is the right fit for you!

How the Breathe EZ UVC Light works

UV-C technology in the Breathe EZ UVC Light is one of the sun’s many waveforms. It creates a glowing effect when mixed with other gasses like mercury and energized. As a result, it makes UV-C, which has germ-killing properties.

Mold and mildew are simple organic structures that readily absorb the UV-C, causing cell destruction. In just hundredths of a second after coming in contact with UV-C, their cells die or become unable to replicate. Continuous exposure to UV-C light kills mold spores and bacteria quickly.

UV-C technology makes it possible to destroy more than 99.99% of all pathogens within seconds. It doesn’t use additional chemicals or create harmful side effects and works quickly in an inexpensive manner. Watch how the Breathe EZ UVC Light works in the video below:

Increase HVAC Airflow

Mold is not only an indoor air quality health problem but can also restrict airflow inside the HVAC system. Additionally, mold gradually destroys the surface it grows upon. If given the right conditions, mold and its spores will grow within an HVAC system.

The highly trained technicians of Proper Environmental can professionally install a Breathe EZ UVC Light at your home or business. It will improve your heating and cooling system’s efficiency and indoor air quality.

HVAC Mold Removal Without Ozone

Numerous contractors promote indoor air quality products that produce ozone. As members of the National Radon Defense, we at Proper Environmental won’t recommend or supply products producing unsafe ozone. Promoted as effective “air purifiers” to those with air pollutant sensitivity, ozone generators are available in three forms:

  • Portable indoor units
  • In-duct units for HVAC systems
  • Personal units worn on the body

Manufacturers frequently advertise the ozone’s ability to oxidize indoor air pollutants,leaving only carbon dioxide, water, and breathable oxygen.” However, independent studies show that ozone generators do not effectively destroy microbes, remove odor sources, or reduce indoor pollutants well enough to provide health benefits.

In reality, these devices can generate excessive ozone levels and may contribute to eye and nose irritation or other respiratory health problems. The American Lung Association (ALA) and The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) give explicit warnings against ozone-generating devices. Therefore, the Breathe EZ UVC Light safely eliminates harmful mold and mildew without creating other harmful effects.

Choose Proper Environmental for Your Breathe EZ UVC Light

In ideal conditions, mold and mildew can grow within your HVAC system, causing numerous health hazards. You must seek the professional guidance and skill of Proper Environmental’s technicians to keep your home or building’s air quality safe. Our team boasts years of experience in air quality testing and mitigation to ensure you can breathe freely.

Call us or schedule an appointment online today to see if a Breathe EZ UVC Light can help you!