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Radon Filtration: Breathe EZ Air Cleaner

A Whole House Air Filter System

Although the dust, pollen, mold spores, and other microscopic particles blown by a typical forced-air HVAC system are unnoticeable, you probably experience their effects. These elements contribute to indoor air pollution, sometimes called “sick building syndrome.” A serious health hazard, indoor air pollution can cause or worsen ailments like eye irritation, allergies, asthma, headaches, and skin rashes.

Fortunately, Proper Environmental recommends and installs the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner, a whole house air filter system. Unlike other HVAC filters, the Breathe EZ resolves indoor air quality issues that pose a health threat to your home or building. As a result, you can rest assured that you, your family, and your employees breathe easily.

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How It Works

Scientists discovered that electronic air filtration could trap airborne pollutants successfully without clogging the filter media. The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner utilizes this innovative technology. Instead of relying on a delicate fabric to trap dust particles, it electronically charges them regardless of size.

Therefore, dust particles and other airborne pollutants “cling” to the Breathe EZ filter media charged oppositely. This dust-trapping method works with an open-weave filter media that doesn’t restrict airflow through your HVAC system. The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner also contains carbon strips that absorb odors and chemicals commonly found in your indoor air.

Improve Radon Prevention

Although radon is a noble gas that typically can’t filter, air filtration can reduce its health risks. When radon decays, it produces decay productssolid elements that stick to surfaces, such as dust particles. Therefore, as dust particles circulate through your home or building, you inevitably breathe them in and increase your risk of lung cancer.

The problem is that these particles are much smaller than what traditional furnace filters can handle. However, the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is the solution. The innovative technology filtered 98% of airborne radioactive elements in clinical trials.

Trained installers from Proper Environmental can easily install the Breathe EZ into your furnace’s one-inch filter space. Your only responsibility is to ensure the air in your home circulates through your HVAC system. Although we recommend installing a radon mitigation system as your first line of defense, the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is a suitable option for extra protection.

Why the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is Better

A standard air filter’s primary purpose is to protect the HVAC system’s blower motor. It captures large dust particles that collect on fan blades and bearings. Therefore, it doesn’t capture microscopic pollutants and thus blows them around throughout your home or building.

Although hardware stores and home centers supply electrostatic and pleated air filters for HVAC systems, they act differently. They rely on “static cling” or a tight weave design to achieve finer filtration. However, these filters can clog quickly, which cuts air flow while straining the blower motor.

Why Choose Proper Environmental?

Proper Environmental offers numerous testing options, making us your one-stop shop for air quality. We boast years of experience, giving you the confidence that your results are complete and accurate. Our team always puts clients and their health first, providing numerous products and services to protect their well-being.

The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is an innovative option for home and business owners seeking to improve their air quality. Our technicians can test for air pollutants such as radon, implement a mitigation plan, and install the air filter system for further protection. As a family-owned business, we take pride in the services we provide.

Replace Your Standard Furnace Air Filter With a Breathe EZ Air Cleaner Today

Available in various sizes, the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner fits within many HVAC systems. You can trust the technicians of Proper Environmental to install Breathe EZ in your existing HVAC. In addition, we’ll demonstrate how to swap the filter media every four years and answer any questions. Put the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner to work in your house or business to protect your family and employees from indoor air pollution. Don’t let radon infiltrate your home from a standard HVAC filter; save money on your energy bills with Breathe EZ! Contact us today to get started.